Listen to SDHS read w/ you in the slow hour.
thick britches in the bumble pattern. unlock the swarm. nomad nomenclature for the culture crumbles. nicked nomenclature for the bulbous vernacular. nude nomenclature for the tinny taxonomy. new nomenclature for arachnid night sweat.


decadent calamity in the architecture. decadent calamity in the slow hour. (w/ you in some quiet time. w/ you in the slow hour. the comforting smell of sleep). decadent calamity in the flower moon. wide awake in rotation.

cubed palms read blank in the quake. tropical brutality, tropical brutalism, brutalist beach house buzzing sunbeat deep in my chest.

scatter drum in the improper rhythm. scatter pattern on the palisades. scatter ashes on the song you hear vertically. when I’m w/ you I can hear music; I can know music. skittish sister two step, & the garment ghost that adorns her.

perusing the color shift, late as it ever was. tiptoe barefoot to reduce the loud. & when pigs fly they flock. I awake from the honeysuckle. honey thick thieves passing glances. horn section swinging in now, I’m realizing I’ve been writing about love all along & a language that flourishes you. that we can languish in. honey haunt, the hornet sleeping on your shoulder.

Sean D. Henry-Smith is an artist and writer engaged in Black experimentalisms. Sean works primarily with poetry and photography, and is returning to an endured engagement with sound and music. Wild Peach, Sean’s first full length collection, is forthcoming on Futurepoem in Fall 2019.