“The astrology of 2021 is an invocation for the act of remembering and feeling and rooting. The primary astrological signature of 2021 is a square (a relationship of tension) between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus - the planet of revolution, surprise, shock, and disruption - is in Taurus, a sign that signifies, out of many things, the earth, soil, food, fertility, and material consolidation. On a personal level, Uranus in Taurus breaks up stagnancy, so that the way you provide and nourish yourself and the way you communicate to your senses are in alignment down to your root. On a global scale, Uranus in Taurus destabilizes food, earth, and currency.

Saturn - the planet of social responsibility, time, longevity, structure, discipline, and attendant loss - is at home in Aquarius, a sign that signifies social and conceptual organization. Saturn is a planet that seeks to define and demarcate; Aquarius ruminates between the past and the future, the establishment and the experimental. On a personal level, Saturn in Aquarius provides opportunities for responsibility and reflection on your own limitations, so that you can cultivate a working relationship with your ideals and experiment with them on various time-scales. On a global scale, Saturn tests the mettle of arger social structures and cements new ways we organize and solidify our connections to one another. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was concurrent with the public introduction of the World Wide Web.

With these two planets facing off and seeking equal attention, 2021 asks us on large and small scales: Does the way you build your society nourish and feed people? Where does the money flow? How does the body remember what the mind does not want to remember? How does the earth remember what we don’t want to face?

If Saturn in Aquarius follows a similar path that it made in March to July of 2020, moving everything online and crowning technocratic oligarchs, how do we recognize the material debt our networks are built upon? The debt to workers, farmers, miners and more? How do we reclaim for ourselves the trust and love that powers this economy?”

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EMILIA WANG︎︎︎ is an artist, singer-songwriter, and astrologer, currently based in Arkansas. Her visual practice is interdisciplinary - bringing drawings, sculptural installations, and spiritual practices together - to explore the possibility for transcendence. Her music and client-based astrology practice are everyday practices of creating and experimenting with transcendence, joy, and connection and are growing forms of building liberation in our relationships with one another.