30        FANTASIES, OR (on the possibility) Of Representation in the Age of Fantasies
A turquoise cinder block behemoth with a glowing pink sign, encircled by the occasional caravan of cars and motorcycles. “FANTASIES” the sign reads, to rolling trains and speeding cars. A seedy aesthetic that nags for your imagination. A nondescript building that has been glorified within this issue. There are traces of factual documentation, yet the barren facade beckons us to fill the void with our own graphic collections, an ever expanding sammelbände. An outstanding surface within the city, it is a surface that does not yield to the whims of passers by, but in its no nonsense and objective clarity of form and color makes our dreams clear and tangible, and their consequences even much more so.

Representation in the Age of Fantasies explores the distributing tension between exercises of fantastic representation pervasive in architecture and the absence of its “meat.” Meat that refuses a homogenized territory, technology, and politics.