PROPS is a weekly paper of images.

PROPS disregards disciplinary boundaries and proposes an alternative visual atlas of juxtapositions.

PROPS is an expanded archive of work by image makers, image collectors and accidental image connoisseurs.

PROPS is an experiment conceived by Lucy Liu and Matthew Bohne to examine visual knowledge and design.

We were previously at Dutch Design Week, the inaugural Boston Art Book Fair, Odds & Ends Art Book Fair and Press Play Fair at Pioneer Works.

Find us at Import News in New York and Outpost in Los Angeles. We are currently open for new collaborations, contact us.

Project partially funded by the Council for the Arts at MIT 2017.

Website+programming by Kalli.


Christianna Bonin - Art and Architecture Historian
Sam Jacob - Architect
Nikolaus Gansterer - Artist
Léopold Lambert - Architect, Writer, Editor
Lydia Kallipoliti - Architect, Engineer, Theorist
Prashast Thapan - game designer, jack of all trades
François Lanusse - Cosmologist
Sougwen Chung - Artist
Jing Yan - Molecular Biologist
Emily Watlington - Contemporary Art Critic and Curator
Neeraj Bhatia - Architect, Urban Designer
Travess Smalley - Artist
Elizabeth Porter - Lawyer, Educator
Shannon Mattern - Media Theorist, Writer, Educator
Eduardo Rega Calvo - Architect
Rosa Barba - Artist, filmmaker
Philipp Schaerer - Architect, Illustrator
The Why Factory
Xin Wang - Art Historian
Mark Linder - Architectural Historian
FKAA - Architects
Sean D. Henry-Smith - Poet, Photographer
Isabel Mager - Investigative Designer